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Asbestos Removal 

Asbestos removal forms part of many demolition projects. The majority of buildings constructed before the 1990s contain some sort of asbestos, and it’s found everywhere from gutters to vinyl floor tiles.

However, locating it, removing it, and safely disposing of it needn’t be the nightmare that people fear it is. At RM Penny, we offer a complete asbestos removal service. We’ve been carrying out asbestos removal for decades, in all types of building, and can undertake the whole process from survey to legal disposal.

Demolition & Major Refurbishment Survey

Before any demolition work can start, an asbestos survey needs to be carried out. We undertake the “Demolition / Major Refurbishment” survey, formerly known as the “Type 3” survey. This survey is described as “intrusive”, meaning that extensive sampling takes place, and it gives the most thorough picture of what asbestos containing materials are present.

Once the asbestos material is located and identified, it can then be removed – and safely disposed of, in accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations.

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Asbestos Removal & Disposal 

 We will arrange and manage the removal of any licensed or non-notifiable asbestos from your site. Our team includes a BOHS P402 asbestos surveyor and our asbestos operatives are category B trained to remove non-licensed asbestos. We will employ and manage licensed contractors to remove any notifiable asbestos.

Certain conditions need to be met for transporting asbestos containing materials, and it can be disposed of only in certain permitted waste sites. Hand the whole asbestos removal part of your project over to us, and we’ll make sure it is carried out safely and in accordance with the regulations.